Toyota Integrated Dashcam

Toyota Integrated Dashcam is designed to reliably capture images, sound, and location data while you operate your vehicle.

  • Mounted on the windshield, it is designed to begin recording upon ignition to capture the drive, or on impact whether moving or in park.
  • Play back video and share on social channels via Smartphone APP or Viewer Software on PC
  • Includes 8GB, industrial grade SD memory card that can store up to 130 minutes in HIGH mode or more with lower video quality settings
  • Made of durable materials; tested for harsh temperatures, humidity, and shock resistant
  • Sleek compact design, 2MP, full HD and 117-degree horizontal view angle
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) PT949-08210;PT949-08230
Part Number PT949-08231
Assembly Dash Cam Unit


Dashcam may not record under certain conditions. Always respect the privacy rights of others. See your dashcam Owner’s Manual for details. Mounting location subject to change per vehicle.

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